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Monica is a Professional Psychic Medium. She is also a Professional Paranormal Investigator, a Mentor, an Exorcist, a Spiritual Healer, Casts and Breaks Spells, Does Psychic & Spiritual Readings and more!! Monica provides ALL Services in the Paranormal Field & also travels. Monica is contacted by thousands of people from around the world every day, seeking for her professional help. From Readings, to Spell Breaking, to casting Spells, Cleaning and teaches about Spirituality and how you can open your doors to explore the Spiritual Realm. Monica communicates  directly with Spirits & gives you the opportunity to talk to your loved one that crossed over. If you have any Demonic attachments that are ruining your life, contact Monica to remove them & for Cleansing. You need money/job fast and don't know what to do? Contact Monica to help you with a Money Spell. It's fast, easy and works!!  Do you think you might have a Black Magic Spell on you & want it removed? Contact Monica today!!


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Monica is a professional Psychic – Medium. I discovered I had these incredible gifts to see, hear and talk to Spirits at the age of seven. My best friend in the second grade crossed over due to a tragic accident and came to me in Spirit. In the beginning I was confused of how I can see, hear and talk to him if he passed away, but as time went by and he came to me more often I realized I have the gift to talk to Spirits.

As the years went by, I learned how to hone in on my gift. But that’s not all. I started to see things before they happened. For example, I saw accidents happen weeks before and they would become true. I felt things that I couldn’t explain. It wasn’t my feelings I felt, but others, including their emotions. I started predicting certain events would occur and they would. Let me give you my personal experience. Ever since I was thirteen, I had visions of me marrying a man with blonde hair blue eyes and having a son that also had blonde hair blue eyes. Well guess what? I’ve been married for fourteen years to a man that has blonde hair blue eyes and have a son that also has blonde hair blue eyes. My parents can validate my prediction because I talked about it a lot with them.

By my late teens, I decided I wanted to help the world with my special gifts I have. So I started meditating and enhancing all my powers. There are many Psychic – Mediums around the world, but I wanted to be unique and not use Tarot Cards or Crystal Balls. I knew I was different from the rest of the Psychic – Mediums because my gifts are natural that I was born with. My visions come to me naturally and I can tap into the Spiritual Realm any time I want and communicate with Spirits without using objects. I just use my mind and my energy.

I’ve been very blessed on this earth with not just my gifts, but I have the most incredible family anyone can ever ask for. My loving husband, who’s caring and understanding, supports me of what I do for a living. I have three amazing children, two beautiful girls and my handsome son.

Just to clarify some things; I am not a witch nor do I do dark things. All my work I do is to help people get closure and get the answers they’ve been seeking for many years. I can say this without hesitation that I have never had a client come back and say my Readings were wrong or off. Every Reading I do always leaves my clients with a smile on their face and the satisfaction that they got the answers they needed. Giving closure to both sides is my biggest happiness and helping Spirits cross over to where they need to go gives me peace as well. I cleanse homes that are haunted with evil, I cleanse people that have dark attachments, I help connect to people to their loved ones that crossed over, I give answers to relationship and money related questions and many more.

I am the voice for Spirits that want to tell their story or get the closure they need to help them move on. The Spiritual Realm has always been a part of my life and I am proud that I’m able to help the living and those that are in Spirit. If you want a Reading, don’t hesitate to ask me for one. That is what I am here for, to help anyone that can sleep without fear for once, or say their last words or good-byes to their loved ones that crossed over.


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