Was in a lot of Spiritual Turmoil


 A few years ago, I was in a lot of spiritual turmoil. It was a living hell. I couldn’t sleep, eat or function at all. I was a constant bundle of frayed and frazzled broken nerves. I couldn’t relax. I was wound up worse than a violin string about to snap. I felt like I was going insane. This went on for a solid six months. Although it felt like eternity. I was constantly praying asking-even begging at times-for Jesus to help me. I can’t tell you how many times I sobbed so hard I couldn’t breathe right over the Bible praying for it to end. Just when I felt like I was finally going to crack and couldn’t take it anymore something wonderful happened. God answered my prayers and He put Monica The Spirit Queen in my life. Monica knew what was going on with me without me having to say one word about it. She did a full AMAZING and mind blowing reading on me. She found out I had 16 demons attached to me and I was in the early stages of possession. Upon her telling me this my mind was for lack of a better word blown. I was even more blown away when she told me details of what was happening to me. Details I never told anyone. Details she couldn’t have known without being a real true psychic medium. Then she told me something that I was so elated that I cried happy no joyful tears. She told me she could get rid of the demons and end my suffering!!! She did just that!! She got rid of all 16 demons and ended it all!! The nerves were gone, the heavy oppressive energy was gone!! I could think again!! I could relax again!! I could eat again and sleep again!! Aside from Jesus dying for our sins, I’ve never in my life been so grateful for something that someone has done for me. The Bible says that God makes something good out of your suffering. Well I suffered greatly and Monica is the good that God made out of it. I truly in my heart believe that without a doubt. My name is Rhiannon and this is my testimony of my experience with Monica The Spirit Queen  Posted by Rhiannon 04/21/18 

Monica is amazing!!


 Her natural born gifts come to her easily and she knows her stuff!! Monica is the first person who was able to help me with my situation and she did an amazing job. Not only is Monica amazing with her gifts, she is also an awesome person! I highly recommend Monica to anyone who needs her help because she can fix it!  

Posted by Leslie Wall  09/23/18

Monica is beyond phenomenal in her psychic medium abilities



Monica is beyond phenomenal in her psychic medium abilities. She did a reading on a friend’s ex who was claiming to be pregnant with his child. Then called my friend two days after she claimed she had a DNC due to no heartbeat in the baby. Well she told me that my friend’s ex was not only lying about being pregnant but had also lied to my friend about losing the baby and having the DNC. Low and behold my friend’s ex called him today to tell him it was all a lie and that she never lost the baby!! I was blown away by this news!! If you want a real psychic medium for a reading or closure GO TO HER. You’d be crazy if you didn’t.
Posted by MystySage 06/07/18 

Monica is amazing the best and 100% Real!!


 Monica is amazing. I never meet her in person but she told me everything. I did not have to talk much. For over an decade I had no luck from me moving every year, cars breaking down every time I buy one. I didn't have nothing. But now the chains are broking. She is GREAT!!!  

Posted by   LaToya Smith  07/28/18

Skeptic, now a believer


I never believed in psychics or spirits. I used to think that every psychic lied and scammed people, but that is until I met Monica.  She just walked up to my table at a restaurant, where I was having a business meeting with three other co-workers and told me my sister wanted to say "Hi". I nearly jumped out of my seat! I wasn't expecting anyone to say that about my sister, yet alone a stranger. Then before I proceeded to say something, Monica continued to give details about my sister. I had a sister that died a couple of years ago due to a horrible car accident. I'm not going to lie,  I was scared of how much this lady knew about me and my sister. Despite my fears with the paranormal, it felt great knowing my sister is with me. I am no longer a skeptic and want to thank Monica for her amazing reading! 

Posted by Chris Landley 03/28/19